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Avengers Infinity War: Teaser Trailer Reaction

Yesterday, I woke up, I watched the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer, great, brilliant, Marvel are feeding us well. But you know who’s feeding us even better? Marvel fans. I did not expect to clap eyes on the Infinity War teaser from the D23 expo until at least the autumn. But one amazing guy, who I feel like I owe my life to, leaked the damn trailer. I Image result for infinity warmean, yes, it’s far from HQ and its lopsided in the frame, but? Not one of us cares. We’ve finally seen what’s to come. Even if it makes no real sense yet, we’ve seen how our Guardians and Avengers come together, we’ve seen the looks that are being served and, of course, we’re already devising our theories. So, this post is about my theories, what I’m expecting from Infinity War, based purely on speculation, that trailer and the big-ass poster that’s been released at SDCC. (Caution: Major spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the trailer or are trying to avoid it. Also, I’ll definitely throw some Spiderman: Homecoming spoilers in there… So, tread carefully!).

Opening with a Guardians/Thor scene is kind of a blessing and a curse. In a way, it completely gives away the end of Ragnarok, as that’s the last time we’ll see Thor before Infinity War drops, so is the only time Marvel really have left to set up his link. But then, what can we really take from that? Does this mean Hela succeeds in destroying Asgard? Thor’s floating around in space, but where’s Loki? We know he’s not dead, because he’s shown further on in the Image result for thor 2017trailer, with the Tesseract. So, has Loki gone rogue? Was his helping Thor in Ragnarok all a ruse? Or is he merely helping to hide the Tesseract from Thanos? So many questions. Before I get too hampered down with why Thor is floating around in space, let’s just thank God he is, or else how could our Avengers and Guardians link? It’s lovely to see Mantis as a main player, and relieving to see that Rocket’s wit is still intact. I feel like the comedic moments are going to be far and few between, given the warnings that Infinity War is going to be ‘the end of the story’ for many characters. So, thank God for Rocket. I think we’re going to need him.

Upon Thor’s “something’s very wrong…”, we’re back on Earth (I think) with Wanda aka the Scarlet Witch in a scene I can’t entirely make out. She watches someone who looks like Doctor Strange (maybe? Probably not?) being shot at with something that looks like the blue stuff that hangs around Loki’s sceptre… So, is this fuelling my Loki theory? Or is it a wild coincidence? Or have I completely misjudged this scene? It’s probably the latter option. (Upon further viewing… I don’t think it is Doctor Strange… I’m completely dumbfounded… Is this Pietro’s long-awaited comeback?!)

Cut to a shot of feet stepping over bodies on a planet that definitely isn’t Earth, with a female voiceover (Mantis? Maybe) saying “Death follows him like a shadow”. This is almost certainly alluding to Thanos and the long-running theory that the personification of Death will be his motivation in destroying the universe as we know it. Cut Image result for loki 2017to a long shot, where we see that the aforementioned feet belong to Loki, standing amongst the destruction. Has he gone rogue?! Honestly, I really don’t think so. But you never know with the God of mischief. Cut to a close-up, and we see him holding the Tesseract – for good or evil? Regardless of Loki’s alignment, I’m just glad to see Tom Hiddleston back in (arguably) his best role. He brings something indescribable to the character of Loki, and easily steals every scene he’s in. Definitely one of the MCU’s strongest actors; anyone that can convey genuine emotion with their eyes (see also, Robert Downey Jr. and Sebastian Stan) is an asset to anything they’re cast in.

Probably the most exciting cut in the trailer comes next; a New York skyline. WE ALL KNOW WHO THIS IS GOING TO BE. Tom Holland blew everyone away with his short stint as Spidey in Civil War, and he’s only continuing to prove his worth with Spiderman: Homecoming. We cut into a school bus… and an arm? The arm shows hairs standing up on end… Upon realising what this means, every single fan loses their minds. Peter’s got his Spidey Image result for peter parker 2017senses! Holy shit! So, does he sense that something is wrong with Tony, instead of Tony asking for Peter’s help? This seems more likely, considering Tony’s reaction to Peter’s heroics in Homecoming. Something tells me that, although Peter has now ‘proved himself’, Tony will still be reluctant to bring him into a massive space battle with a purple prune. I feel that this one is going to be all Peter.

Cut to our first glimpse of Tony, surrounded by fire and… more fire. He isn’t on Earth. Tony has taken the battle to Thanos, probably on the say-so of Thor and the Guardians. Cut to a few more epic spaceships, and then !!! The most crowded shot so far! Peter, Tony, Drax, Star-Lord and Mantis are watching something unfold, clearly not a good something… Tony is even seen to move in front of Peter… So, has someone threatened his son? Are they facing Thanos?

Cut to black, and suddenly… Josh Brolin’s voiceover cuts in. I couldn’t stop the ugly, excited smile spreading across my face. He says something about balancing the universe. There’s a dramatic shot of Gamora turning around. A shot of Star-Lord. Some more Tesseract-y blue smoke turns the screen black, and then… Hellooooo Thanos. I can’t even remember the last time we saw the MCU’s big bad, but he’s definitely undergone a few changes. Less purple than I remember, kind of looks like a less rock-like version of The Thing. But nevertheless, he still looks villain-worthy. He still looks like he’s going to make for an unrelenting battle with our heroes up in space.

A few quick cuts show off more of our heroes; this time I definitely saw the hands of a one Mr Stephen Strange (going off his after-credit scene, this is also Thor’s doing?), our ever-prominent Star-Lord doing some fast leaping (or flying?) over… something, and – oh hello, what’s this? SPIDERMAN IS IN THE IRON SPIDER SUIT? Shit just got real. Peter refused this suit, and exclusive Avengers membership, once, but is seeing how dire the situation is for Tony and co too much for little Pete? Does he feel he has no choice but to help?

Before I had time to recover from that, there’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of JAMES BUCHANAN BARNES? Opposite to what I expected of Bucky in Infinity War, he’s still rocking his long hair and beard look; a look which is directly related to his Winter Soldier alter ego. So, does this mean going back in the fridge was a pointless endeavour? Whatever Hydra did to him, it’s still there? That’s not information the Avengers are going to want to fall Image result for t'challa 2017into enemy hands. Or, alternatively, has he just become accustomed to the look? Has the situation with Thanos gone so far that Steve and T’Challa (who I’m guessing are going to be seen with Bucky before it all kicks off) are forced to wake our friendly neighbourhood assassin up, regardless of his mental state? Honestly, I have no clue at this point. All I do know for certain is that he and T’Challa are going to be a force to be reckoned with. Quick cut to King T’Challa and a mahoosive army, and, due to the surrounding colours, I can only guess that he’s battling on Earth. So, does Thanos’s fight hit Earth? Probably. Or is it another villain altogether? Possibly. Thanos may be a big bad, but he may not necessarily be working alone.

Cut to… a shot I still haven’t been able to make out. A figure is seen doused in shadows (who, if I remember correctly from later shots in the trailer, is Steve) and some kind of spear is thrown, which he catches with effortless ease. Cut to Wanda, holding someone or something back with her powers, while looking at something else over her shoulder. Oh look! It’s Vision! The friendly alternative for a purple MCU character. They share a smile, alluding to the idea that Wision (Or Vanda?) is on. And that’s all well and good, but let’s not forget that the source of Vision’s ‘life’ is an infinity stone. Which is exactly what Thanos is after. So, is it curtains for Vis? I wouldn’t be shocked; Marvel seem to enjoy watching Wanda lose people she loves. Quick cut back to the shadowy figure revealing themselves… It is Steve! With a beard! Holy shit! Matching boyfriend beards! I feel like he has a voiceover at this moment too, but I’ve been too excited every time it happens to listen. Speculation has been rife over this being the end of Steve’s story, too, but who knows with Marvel? Honestly, my money is on Tony losing his life rather than Steve…

Our montage of quick clips continues, showing the return of the Hulkblaster (so, does this mean Bruce gets out of control? Uh-oh), a blonde Black Widow, T’Challa fighting against what looks like one of his own soldiers (?), the Falcon kicking ass… And probably the most heart-breaking sequence of the trailer. Close-up of Tony, looking over his shoulder… He looks like he’s had better days. Cut to Peter, lying on the floor, clearly weak… “I’m sorry, Tony… I’m sorry.” WHAT? WHAT IS THAT? Now we know Peter isn’t being killed off because the upcoming Spiderman sequels have been confirmed, but… Maybe he dies for a moment? For shock value? To give the Avengers a major kick up the ass? To ruin all our lives? Honestly, this scene could be the consequence of absolutely anything, but, of course, we’re all thinking the worst. Maybe Peter causes the death of someone? I could spin theories on this forever.

Cut to THANOS SQUEEZING THOR’S HEAD? Let’s not do that. I’ve got a headache just watching it. Loki, save him immediately. That’s followed by one excessively quick shot of Nebula. Nebula who needs to be the one to kill Thanos. I’m hoping Gamora and her sister are integral to the plot of the film and the overall demise of Thanos. Nebula’s Image result for nebula guardians of the galaxypurpose in life is to kill her father, so if Marvel take that away from her… I’ll be rioting in the streets. This also got me thinking, however, that if Nebula does succeed in ridding the world of her evil father, what could possibly be left for her? Will she join the Guardians? Or will she be killed off? If it got to a point where Nebula could kill Thanos, but she too would have to die, there is no doubt in my mind that she’d still go through with it.

Another full shot, this time featuring Wong (honestly the best part of the Doctor Strange movie), Strange, Banner, and another man who’s face I can’t quite make out… Looks kind of like Tony? Cut back to T’Challa’s battleground, and Steve is in action, complete with dramatic and effortlessly sexy hair flip. FIRE! Star-Lord hits the ground in slo-mo… Surely our lead Guardian wouldn’t be killed off? Or would he? Shock value would be high… And, honestly, I reckon the confirmed third Guardians film could survive without him. Unpopular opinion, I know. I’m not saying I do want Quill to die, no way, but if he did… The Guardians could still work.

Back to Tony, this time in full Iron Man armour. This is followed by a very quick shot of… Thanos punching Sam? Could SAM die? That would be evil. So many fans have him pegged as the next Captain America, so maybe a death isn’t at all possible. Punch executed, Thanos flexes the infinity gauntlet… And I can only make out one stone… Blue like the Tesseract…. HAS LOKI GONE ROGUE?

Image result for thanosCut to black, and suddenly we’re back with Tony. And it’s not good. Bloodied, fire surrounding him… My poor heart can’t even begin to fathom the MCU without the man who started it all. As Tony watches on, Thanos pulls A MOON OUT OF THE SKY AND THROWS IT AT WHAT I CAN ONLY ASSUME ARE THE AVENGERS AND GUARDIANS AND I CAN’T STOP SCREAMING. Who uses a moon as a weapon?! Moon thrown, the destruction continues around Thanos as the consequences of his MOON THROWING set in. I can’t get over the moon missile. A MOON? This acts as the closing shot of the trailer, as the screen cuts to black and is slowly replaced with our now all-too-familiar Infinity War graphic. End of trailer. End of my life.

So, let me sum up my predictions. Tony and Peter’s relationship will continue to be at the forefront, before Tony meets an untimely end (sad face). We will lose a Guardian. Likely to be Nebula… But maybe Star-Lord? I can guarantee there’ll be at least one shock value death… Maybe Sam? Clint? Loki? Bruce? Nebula and Gamora have to be integral characters. I was shocked by the lack of exposure for our female characters in this trailer, but maybe that’s because they all have super-secret important jobs? One can only hope. Spidey will become a full Avenger. It’s doubtful that he’ll go through something quite as traumatic as having a MOON throw at him and not think that he can take on the world. But, if Tony does die… Will he want to be an Avenger without his mentor by his side? Finally, not a prediction, more of a comment… WHERE was Mr Scott Lang? I get that this is a teaser trailer, but… We saw almost everyone else. Or maybe he was so small I missed him.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the teaser trailer, this is pretty much a shot-by-shot description of what you’re missing. And it looks epic. With two more solo films that I am extremely hyped for to come before Infinity War drops, it looks like Phase 3 could go on to be the most successful the MCU has seen by a country mile, and rightly so. A film of this magnitude is unparalleled, and I for one cannot wait to see it.

Image result for infinity war


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