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Riverdale – Episode 10

So, episode 10 of Riverdale just dropped, and I feel like it’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for. Stories finally started tying together, characters started to become 2-dimensional and I just feel like we’re finally headed somewhere. But, of course there’s a but, episode 10 changed my opinion on basically every character. So sit tight; character rant coming your way.

I’ll go from the start of the alphabet, shall I? Archie Andrews. I started off very keen on Archie, mostly because of his boyish good looks, but then I seriously went off him. The Miss Grundy storyline was a no, although I understand how it fitted into the overall story. Him hooking up with Veronica was a no. Him hooking up with Val was a yes but then Image result for riverdale archie episode 10he fucked up with Cheryl? But episode 10 saw the Archie I first fell in love with return. Everything he did was for his friends and family. But that only lasted about 10 minutes. Oh Archie, you could’ve been perfect. You could’ve been the lovable boy next door, but instead he’s a self-absorbed, pretty unlikeable douchebag. Your parents are getting divorced, kid. At least you still have two parents who love you, unlike so many others in this show. Quit being so overdramatic. And then to top it all off, he’s with Veronica again? I was with you, Archie. He was comforting Ronnie like a true pro, but these bloody script writers thought “Hey, no, Archie can’t be nice to a girl just because they’re friends!”. Bullshit. I really want to like Archie again. But man, is this show making it hard.

On the flip side to my feelings about Archie sits Betty. Never been a huge Betty fan. She’s too nice. And when she stole away what could’ve been a promising asexual side to Jughead’s journey, my disdain grew. I was convinced she Image result for riverdale betty episode 10was going to try and ‘fix’ him, and I wasn’t having that. You can’t fix art. But episode 10 had me fully on Betty’s side. The re-emergence of Chuck, however loathsome he is, really helped Betty’s character development, as we can finally see that she has flaws. She’s angry. She’s human. And I was even touched by the final scene between her and Juggie. I am finally on their side. Special mention must also go to Betty’s formidable mother. Alice Cooper (not the singer) is fast becoming my favourite character, despite her extremely shaky start. Her taking charge of the Blue and Gold and coming inexplicably close to solving Jason’s murder is ace storylining. And I’m desperate to know more about her past after what FP said. She’s definitely one to watch.

Veronica Lodge has always been a conundrum for me. I was convinced she wasn’t turning over a new leaf at all, and she was going to turn at any minute. But so far, so good. Despite ruining what was a very strong episode for her by hooking up with Archie again, episode 10 made her so much more human to me. Her internal struggle over whether to testify for her ever devious father to save her mum was brutal, but rewarding. I don’t believe Hermione Lodge is aImage result for riverdale veronica episode 10 bad person, but Hiram most certainly is. So seeing Ronnie possibly help her dad go free was conflicting. On the plus, she’s saving Hermione (right?). But then she’s also helping the man who has torn so many people’s families apart (see, Jughead and Ethel). But, really, I’m loving the whole story. I’m loving how it’s changing Veronica and I’m loving how it’s fitting into the overall story. Right now, I am fully on Ronnie’s side. And I loved her snide take-downs of Cheryl and Chuck. Don’t even mention Cheryl and Chuck to me.

Okay, I’m mentioning Cheryl and Chuck. For the past 9 episodes, I have worshipped the ground that Cheryl Blossom walked upon. What a queen. But I’m slowly losing interest. Betty and Veronica came into their own in this episode, and Cheryl took a fall. Veronica was good to her when her ‘friends’ couldn’t be bothered. She wanted to help Cheryl. I wanted to help Cheryl. But she’s becoming less of the grieving sister who’s lashing out, and more of an out of control selfish cow. Siding with a sex pest like Chuck and locking Archie in his own house to taunt him, Veronica and Betty was just… no. I let out of a yelp of happiness when Jughead punched Chuck’s stupid smug face. Cheryl sided with the girls when they found that book Chuck kept. She had real, genuine girl power. So seeing her side with him to bring down Veronica and Betty over something so goddamn petty really put her down in my estimations. Here’s to hoping we get the old Cheryl back next week. Let that have just been a blip.

And finally, quick fire mentions, starting with Joaquin. You can’t convince me that he hasn’t fallen hook, line and Image result for riverdale episode 10sinker for Kevin, because he has. I just wish he’d prove it by stopping his live-feed of information to FP. Alice Cooper is onto you, bud. Second, are we ever going to meet Hiram Lodge? I need to see this oh-so-elusive super villain, even if it’s from a prison cell. Lastly, Molly Ringwald is Archie’s mum?! The 80s-film obsessive inside me leaped for joy. I cannot wait to see her in action next week.

Basically, episode 10 was solid. Stepped up the game. If you’ve been drifting off a bit, like I had, this’ll pull you right back in, I promise. Now, go get watching. Go imagine as many ways as possible to take Chuck down a peg or two.


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