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When I Say X, You Say Factor…

It’s that time of year again. The fuzzy socks are out, the heating is on, and, best of all, reality TV is at its peak. I can’t actually remember a time when I didn’t watch The X Factor. Yes, there’s the stigma around watching it; people love to get on their high horses and tell you that it’s horrible TV and you can find better talent elsewhere. And to that, I present you with Olly Murs, One Direction, JLS, Little Mix, James Arthur, Leona Lewis, Ella Henderson. You may not like them, but try and tell me that they’re not talented? Anyway, I’m not here to have a superiority complex rant, I’m here to just discuss a few things about this year’s bunch that I need to get off my chest.

I’ll start with the one that’s going to make me sound the most monstrous. We’ve had two live shows, and I’m already Image result for ryan lawrie girlfriendsick of hearing about Ryan and Emily’s relationship. It’s so clear to me that Simon only picked Ryan as his wildcard because he knew about the existing relationship and knew he could use it as press. I’m not being funny, but there’s a reason Ryan didn’t even make it to the six chair challenge. It’s because he’s shit. There’s nothing special about him whatsoever. And ramming his romance with Emily down our throats in both their VTs is only making me lose respect for Emily as well, who I liked up until this point. Yeah, call me a jealous bitch, but is anyone actually enjoying that? It’s a bloody singing show, I don’t care who’s dating who. Ryan could be dating a flowerpot named Barry and I still wouldn’t care (well, maybe I would a bit). Honestly, if this carries on I’ll have no hair left to tear out by the end of the series.

Image result for matt terryOn a lighter note, how genuinely talented is the lovely Matt Terry? He might look offputtingly like Louis Tomlinson, but damn that boy can sing. He’s been consistent since the start and he, along with 5AM, is the only one I can see actually doing anything after this show. He’s completely likeable, and his rendition of You Don’t Own Me only proved how versatile he is. Long may Matt stay on the show. I’m already rooting for him to win.

Listen. I don’t want to spend too much time dwelling on Honey G. But oh my God. Yes, it was quite amusing when it started. But to replace someone of Ivy Grace’s excellence with someone like Honey G was just… No. Yes, she’s a Image result for honey g live showslaugh, she’s getting people talking, but people like the lovely Freddy Parker, who actually have talent, are getting booted out because Simon Cowell likes this kind of crappy publicity, and that’s not okay with me. It was okay to come out and do the whole “when I say Honey, you say G” thing on ‘express yourself’ week because fair enough, she’s expressing herself. But it was Motown week last weekend and all she did was rap over a Motown classic. I thought Sam and Emily had ruined the theme, but she took it to a whole other level… I’m just hoping and praying that we don’t lose anyone else who can actually sing because of her. If Simon Cowell wants to keep any credibility at all, she needs to go…

So there’s a small X Factor rant for you… At the rate this series is going, there’s bound to be more to come…


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