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RIP to my MCU Posts… Part 2

Hooray! It’s time for part two of my Civil War character rants. I’ll try and keep this Team Iron Man post as light and impartial as possible, but I can’t make any promises. I’m Team Cap until the end…

Tony Stark basically is the Avengers, isn’t he? He was the first to come out and say “hey, look, I’m Iron Man”, he’s the one with all the ideas, he’s the one with all the charisma and he’s just a really well rounded character. I like him, of course I do, it’s hard not to fall for Robert Downey Jr’s portrayal of, well, himself, just in a superhero costume. I’ve felt for Tony in every film; although he’s always the one who’s still making witty jokes in the worst situations, it’s usually because he’s hiding how he’s really feeling. Tony Stark cannot catch a break, and it’s awful to watch. He’s lost Image result for iron man civil warso many people, plus he nearly lost Pepper in Iron Man 3 and don’t even get me started on what happened to Rhodey in Civil War. He was treated like a villain in Age of Ultron and I guess, in a way, he’s a villain in Civil War. What have Marvel got against Tony Stark being happy? Seeing him and Steve ripped apart ripped me apart. He can hide under his humour, but it was so easy to see that Tony felt like his family were being taken away from him, yet again. And then having him watch his parents die was pure evil. And as much as I am Team Cap, I understood fully why Tony flew off the handle then. Yes, Bucky had no idea what he was doing, he had no control over it, but all Tony could see at that moment was the man who’d killed his parents, regardless of brain washing. The final showdown between Tony and Steve broke my heart in every way, and I genuinely cannot see a way back for these two. How are they ever going to be able to work side by side ever again? That’s just another reason Steve Rogers has to die, I guess (sad, but true). Anyway, I love Tony Stark. His relationships with Rhodey and the all-new, extremely young Spiderman were pitched perfectly in Civil War, which made up for the fact that he was screwed over AGAIN. Please, stop making Tony Stark out to be a bad man, because he’s not. He’s a victim.

The Black Widow has been my favourite female superhero in any universe ever since The Avengers dropped in 2012. She’s just bloody brilliant. She can kick ass just as well as any man, but her tragic backstory gives her a sympathetic edge. The perfect kind of well-rounded character. She’s played a vital part in every MCU film she’s featured in, and that doesn’t change with Civil War. Just imagine if she hadn’t let Steve and Bucky go to Siberia. I fully understand why she did let them, but just imagine if she hadn’t, none of it would’ve happened, Tony and Steve’s relationship wouldn’t be in complete tatters, Team Cap wouldn’t have to be hiding in Wakanda. I mean, you can say that about a lot of parts of the film; Zemo’s plan was so goddamn intricate that any slight slip-up could’ve ruined the whole thing. Her character was definitely one of the most interesting in Civil War; she’s so clearly close with Steve, as evidenced by her turning up at Peggy’s funeral, but she also goes against him in terms of the Accords and howImage result for black widow civil war to handle the Bucky situation. While we’re on this topic, can we please just discuss the one line from Civil War that stuck in my head for weeks after? The moment where Natasha says to Bucky “If you could at least recognise me”. It’s fair to assume that my mind imploded when she said this. Is she just bringing some Tony Stark-esque wit into an otherwise quite tense scene by referencing the previous times the Winter Soldier has tried to kill her, or is it a whole lot deeper than that? Is she in fact referring to the previous personal connection between the two of them? Comic book fans know that the Winter Soldier helped to train Natasha in the red room, and there was an on again/off again relationship between them which I can only hope will be part of Infinity War. And I mean, right at the end, Bucky even says to Tony that he “remembers all of them”, so he must remember his past with Natasha, right? But, come on, this is the MCU, they never give us what we really want, hence why Steve is with Sharon and Natasha is seemingly still pining for the lesser spotted Bruce Banner. But hey, Natasha is still more valid than so many other characters, relationship or not. I do hope her backstory is exploded even further, as it’s easily one of the more interesting in the MCU.

I don’t think Rhodey has ever been more relevant than in Civil War. The whole premise of the film was basically Cap saving his best friend, right? And in doing that, he nearly cost Tony his. Kind of symbolic, don’t you think? I won’t even get started on the whole random Terrence Howard/Don Cheadle switch, I’m focusing purely on the Rhodey we have now – the Don version. The MCU should be absolutely ecstatic to have him on board, purely because of his performance in Hotel Rwanda. He’s proved he’s top-notch actor, so why has the character always been so damn underused? Granted, he’s not a main avenger, but neither is Sam. And Sam gets far more screen-time and story. Basically, I think Rhodey is an underdeveloped character. He needs more. But still, that didn’t stop my heart freezing when ViImage result for rhodey civil warsion accidentally shot him down. I was so utterly convinced that he was going to die, you have no idea the relief that washed over me when Friday told Tony there was a heartbeat. Because imagine the loss Tony would’ve had to deal with in that film if Rhodey had died. He would’ve had that, seeing his parents die and basically losing Cap and half the Avengers. So on behalf of Marvel fans everywhere, I would like to thank Anthony and Joe Russo for not doing that to Tony (or us). So far with Rhodey, what you see is what you get, which is fair enough. He has his principles; he has his reasons for doing what he does; he’s a soldier. He’s been fighting since before the Avengers were around, and he knows right from wrong. But now he’s paralysed, one can only wonder whether his views on the world will change at all. Personally, I’m certain he won’t change one bit. If his final scene with Tony was anything to go by, Rhodey only sees his new disability as “a bad beat”. I have no qualms whatsoever that he will fight in Infinity War, and he will fight as good as any Avenger. I am so glad that Rhodey has finally come into his own; for me, he’s no longer just Tony Stark’s sidekick.

Speaking of Rhodey’s paralysation, let’s discuss the ‘man’ who put him there. Don’t get me wrong; I like Vision, I do. I thought he was one of the best parts of Age of Ultron, but then I feel like he’s been slightly… ruined in Civil War. The whole point was that he was an all-powerful android, right? He doesn’t have feelings becauseImage result for vision civil war he’s not human. So someone explain to me the relationship between him and Wanda? Because I do not understand. It doesn’t make sense to me. Yes, the scenes between them were quite sweet and all that, but… he’s not a man? And, let’s be real, he has to ‘die’, right? The infinity stones are going to be harnessed by Thanos in Infinity War (yeah?) meaning the mind stone is somehow going to have to leave Vision’s head, meaning he will no longer be crazy-powerful. He’ll just be Jarvis again. What I’m trying to say here is, this can only end in heartbreak for Wanda. Has she not already been through enough? In saying that, the mind stone does mean he’ll play a pivotal part in our next Avengers instalment, and I actually can’t wait to see that.

I have been bursting to properly talk about our lord and saviour T’Challa since Civil War dropped way back in April, so here goes. I love him. I absolutely love everything about him. His exposition was done perfectly; after only knowing him for about a minute, we all cared immensely when T’Chaka died during that heart-breaking Lion King-esque scene anImage result for black panther civil ward even me, being the huge Bucky fan I am, completely understood why he wanted the Winter Soldier dead (even though, we all knew it had been Zemo and not Bucky). And he was shown to be a character with one of the most impressive arcs in the MCU. Not many superheroes would admit they were wrong, and then keep the man they tried to kill safe in their country, resulting in Wakanda being a very dangerous place to be. Basically, I am very excited about T’Challa. I think the Black Panther solo movie is going to be the MCU at it’s very best, and Chadwick Boseman will be given a much-deserved opportunity to shine even further. Civil War was just the start for him – I can’t wait to see where he’s taken next.

Aside from the Black Panther, there was another ‘new’ MCU character that we were all extremely excited to see debut, and that was Tom Holland’s Spiderman. Finally we’re getting to see Peter Parker at the age he should be. Don’t get me wrong, I loved both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in the role, but Tom’s youImage result for spiderman civil warthfulness is what I imagined Peter to look like all along. He’s just a kid, basically. I loved his relationship with Tony, and his scripting was perfect. Although he didn’t have too big a role in Civil War (he was kinda the Ant Man of Team Iron Man), I was definitely impressed. I can’t wait for Homecoming, I can’t wait to see him in Infinity War, and the bottom line is, I’m ecstatic that Spiderman is now a part of the MCU. Tom has got so much potential, and I reckon the Russos know this. Part of me is expecting big things from him in Infinity War

Image result for zemo civil warBONUS CHARACTER number two has to be the despicably fantastic Baron Helmut Zemo aka the best MCU villain I’ve ever seen (sorry, Loki). I was utterly in awe of Daniel Bruhl the whole way through Civil War, and even at the end, after all the suffering he’d caused for my lovely, innocent Bucky, I still felt sorry for him. He’d torn the Avengers in two, a
nd I felt sorry for him. That is the sign of brilliant character writing and exceptional acting. The scene between him and smug Mr Everett Ross at the very end was excellent; I actually found myself smiling at Zemo’s eerie “did it?”. Part of me hopes we see him again. I know he’s in a very high-security prison or whatever the hell it is, but he’s cunning. I hope he gets out and I hope we see him again.


And there we have it, my final MCU post for a while… I hope you enjoy the break!


P.S. I did it for Team Cap, so I’ll do it for Iron Man as well…




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