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And I’m Off Again…

I’ll keep this as short as possible, I promise, but I’ve been watching Captain America: Civil War (my DVD came a day early, am I winning or what?) and I just felt like I needed to comment on a few things. But like I say, as short as possible. I know I go on about Marvel far too much.

First off, this is me talking right now, you know exactly what my first point is going to be. I’ve never been so affected by a performance as I am by Sebastian Stan in this film. His attention to detail is off the scale. Even when he’s not the focus of a scene, he never loses character for one second.cb99f770-f361-0133-8019-0e31b36aeb7f He’s always thinking, “Okay, what would Bucky be doing right now? How would he be feeling?” The scene in which this really gets to me is at the very end, when Tony finds out exactly how his parents died. I know Bucky is supposed to be the villain in this instance, but my heart goes out to him. Whether scripted or not, he’s clearly tearing up and his guilt is so evident. Whether this is remorse for Tony, or upset that Steve is having to see him kill a man he once considered a friend (I mean, come on, Howard Stark is the only reason Steve is who he is), I don’t know, but Sebastian’s performance in this scene blows me away every single time I watch it.

Speaking of performances, Paul Rudd’s was perfection. I loved the solo Ant Man film and the way Paul brought the character to life, and he was just as exceptional in Civil War. The particular stand-out moment was of course during the airport fight scene, NE68gJnCBvMm9c_1_bwhen Giant Man makes his first appearance. His comedic timing is always on point and his interactions with other characters will never, ever leave you bored. I personally cannot wait to see more of Paul as Scott, in Infinity War and the second Ant Man. 

Honestly, I could go on about performances forever. Tom Holland and Chadwick Boseman completely embodied what their characters should be like. Epic casting on behalf of the MCU. Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. stunned yet again as Steve and Tony. And I could write a 12 page essay on why Anthony Mackie needs more recognition. But there’s something else I’d rather discuss…

Isn’t Zemo just the best MCU villain ever? There’s nothing overly threatening about him, he doesn’t have a red skull and he’s not Thor’s brother. He’s just a (not star-spangled) man with a plan. And, interestingly enough, a plan that actually succeeds. He does tear the Avengers apart from the inside, regardless of how much Martin Freeman’s smug Everett Ross protests. He did exactly what he wanted to do. He planned everything so precisely and baron-zemo-179756got his results. No lust for power. Just a lust for vengeance. He’s the only MCU villain I find myself feeling sorry for. His final conversation with T’Challa was so unbelievably moving that I couldn’t help wondering if I was on his side for one minute. I’ve got so much respect and admiration for Daniel Bruhl for carrying this portrayal of Zemo off, because he is by far the most interesting and complex villain the MCU has ever seen, in my opinion.

I could talk about Civil War forever, you know I could. I’ll probably do the odd post on it now and again, but this is it for now. These were my immediate thoughts after watching the goddamn film for the 23rd time. I reckon I’ll do a more in-depth character post when I get a chance… Stay tuned.


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