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I Totally Should’ve Been A Film Director…

As you probably know by now, I’m kind of an avid Marvel fan. I find nothing more entertaining than constantly complaining about the suffering that Marvel put basically all their characters through (Sharon Carter deserImage result for infinity war castved so much better than this), and that’s why I’ve decided to do a ‘hopes and fears’ post about the upcoming Infinity War films, because lord knows Marvel are about to bring even more pain into the lives of my favourite superheroes.

Okay. My hopes. My number one hope is, quite predictably, that Bucky Barnes gets some kind of redemption. When will Marvel sit up and realise that he’s not a villain? But that’s just it; I’m certain they do know that he’s not a villain. Like I’ve said before – you wouldn’t have had the lovely Sebastian Stan portray Bucky as he did in The First Avenger (he was actually quite a comic, loveable, easy-going character) if you then wanted your audience to hate him as the Winter Soldier. Not only that, but Bucky’s relationship with Steve is easily the most compelling in the whole franchise, and I want to see that explored further. However, what I don’t want is a continuation of the whole “Bucky is a terrible human, let’s destroy him” storyline from the rest of the Avengers that forces Steve into saving him again. Redeem him. Let him have a storyline away from being hunted down for mass killings. Let’s see what he’s like with Steve away from all this crap. Hell, let’s see what he’s like with all the Avengers away from this crap. I mean, I know Tony will never forgive him and I don’t blame him for a second (Winter Soldier or not, he did kill Tony’s parents), but I do think having Bucky interact with other characters could only be beneficial. So redeem him, right now. Let’s delve into his past with Natasha, let’s have more scenes with Sam, for god’s sake, make him best friends with Scott Lang, I don’t care, he just needs and deserves some redemption. Surely Infinity War could deliver that?

And while we’re on the subject of characters who deserve better, let’s discuss Pietro Maximoff. I will never stop arguing that Pietro Maximoff is alive. I don’t even care. We’ve seen him stop bullets before, so why couldn’t he do it when he jumped in front of CliImage result for pietro maximoffnt in Sokovia? In a way, I understand that in order to create Wanda’s character arc, Pietro had to be killed off. I do get that. It doesn’t mean I like it, though. Nothing would be better for Wanda in Infinity War than seeing her brother, no one can convince me otherwise. I mean, he’s alive and well in the X-Men universe, so why not in the Avengers universe? I could just imagine him warning Vision off his 12-minutes-younger sister. I thought Aaron Taylor-Johnson pulled off a brilliant portrayal of Pietro, and I’m devastated that we will probably never get to see it again. But I’ll never stop hoping. Come on Infinity War; bring back Pietro and fix all our broken hearts.

Now, if you thought resurrecting Pietro was a long shot, you’ll laugh out loud at my next hope: Stop. The. Forced. Romances. Steve has more chemistry with his shield than he does with Sharon. I know Wanda’s weird, but not weird enough to fall for a computer system? And don’t even get me started on Natasha and Banner. There’s only one love story I ever believed in in the MCU, and that was Steve and Peggy. If Infinity War pushes these non-romances even further, I will sue. It’s not even just the main Avengers’ relationships that get to me. Although I could stick Scott and Hope as characters, there was no need to push them into a relationship. It was so predictable, and so unnecessary. And, with all the ‘new’ characters, like Captain Marvel, that will appear in Infinity War, there’s no doubt that Marvel will push even more forced romances onto us. Yawn. Sort your shit out, Marvel. Give the people what they want, aka, STUCKY CONFIRMED.

Right. Onto my fears. Fear number one has been circulating around in my head ever since Marvel confirmed that Infinity War would bring a number of MCU characters together – what if there’s too many of them? What if we get a Suicide Squad-esque cock-up in that there’s just not enough character exposition? What if the narrative becomes overly messy because they’re trying to fit too many characters in? I guess, for the most part, avid MCU fans already know everything there is to know about the featuring characters. I mean, come on, there’s been 3 solo Iron Man, Captain America and Thor movies. We know those guys inside out. I could write a biography on Cap. But what about our lesser characters? I’ve never watched an episode of Jessica Jones in my life (regrettably), so I know absolutely nothing about her. Similarly, with Daredevil; I’ve only ever seen the terrible Ben Affleck movie. Luke Cage and Iron Fist and the Agents of SHIELD are all going to be in this film – but what if you don’t watch the TV shows? As far as the movie universe is concerned, Phil Coulson is dead. Nu-uh, not if you watch the damned TV show. Basically, although Infinity War boasts some incredibly talented actors, I’m scared so many of them will be underused. I’m scared some of the characters will have no direction. I started this whole, massive MCU journey with my 6 original Avengers, and I don’t want Infinity War to forget that. Yes, new, fresh characters are completely necessary, but the last thing I want is for any of the originals to be pushed into the background.

Speaking of originals being pushed into the background, let’s talk about Cap. I did some basic maths a few months back, and my heart froze. Chris Evans has a 6-picture contract with Marvel. He’s already done 5 movies. Infinity War has 2 parts. So does this mean… Steve is going to die? Almost certainly, yes. It’s happens in the comics, and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t happen in the MCU. However, just recently the Russo brothers basically confirmed that Steve isn’t Cap anymore. When he dropped that shield at the end of CiImage result for captain america civil warvil War, he dropped the whole Captain America persona with it. I love Chris as Steve, and I love Steve as Cap. So, what part will Steve actually be playing in Infinity War? And more importantly, who’s the next Captain America? I know that both Bucky and Sam end up taking on the Cap identity in the comics after Steve’s death, but… Steve isn’t dead yet? But he’s not Cap anymore anyway? So, by my calculations, Bucky can’t become Captain America; it would be completely wrong and wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever, considering that Steve dropped the mantle for Bucky. So that leaves… Sam Wilson as our new Captain America? Anyway, that was a HUGE tangent, what I wanted to do was beg Marvel to keep Chris on. Please. I can’t watch Steve die. I can’t watch Bucky watch Steve die. Considering how much Marvel seem to love making Bucky suffer, I wouldn’t be surprised if ended up being the reason that Steve dies. But we’ll cross that bridge when it comes to it. If I end up crying and screaming in the cinema because James Buchanan Barnes just killed the only person he was staying alive for, so be it.

So, I just asked what Steve Rogers’ role in Infinity War will be. Here’s what I certainly don’t want it to be. We all know of the recent, horrible, painful Captain America twist that saw Steve suddenly heiling Hydra. Gosh darn it Marvel, why do you hate us? There would be nothing worse for me than to see Steve decide he suddenly worships Hydra. To see him brainwashed, just as Bucky was, and to see him forget who he is. There’s every chance that the main Infinity War villain, Thanos, is secretly working with Hydra, so there’s definitely a possibility that Marvel could break all our hearts simultaneously by turning Steve over to the dark side and have him turn on all the Avengers. Personally, I don’t think Marvel would do this to us. They’ve hurt us enough already. Plus, that’s a big ‘ol story to fit into Chris Evans’ last ever Marvel film. Unless Steve was appearing in both Infinity War films, I wouldn’t see the point in pursuing this storyline. Chris’s 6-movie contract is almost definitely going to end in a sad, drawn-out death that will leave everyone bawling their eyes out. So thank god we’ve got until 2018 to prepare.

So there we have it; my hopes and fears for Infinity War. I mean, I could’ve listed a load more (what if they decide to make Loki a GOODIE? What if Thanos is a shit villain? What if Clint DIES? What if Nebula DOESN’T die? *whispers* what if Stucky isn’t confirmed before Steve dies?), but they are my mains, they are my terms. I will write Infinity War off as a terrible set of movies if Marvel doesn’t follow through.

Okay, that was a huge lie; Infinity War will probably be amazing. I have every faith that Marvel (and hopefully, the Russo brothers) know what they’re doing with this one, and will give us a perfect ending to the Avengers franchise. They’ve got a massive opportunity to go out with a bang here – let’s hope they don’t do a David Ayer and mess it up!


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