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Oh Would You Look At That… It’s Rant O’Clock!

I love a good rant. Doesn’t everyone just love a good rant? I’m going to rant about something that’s grated on me for years really, but has started to become ever so prominent recently. Just because someone is in a fandom, it does not mean they are stalkers. It does not mean they are obsessed. It does not mean they have no life. The amount of times I’ve been looked down on because I have a fandom-centred Twitter account is disgusting. Let me just tell you this; while you’re out getting drunk for the 100th night in a row because you have nothing better to do, with people you don’t even really like, I’m skyping my best friends who live up and down the country and having actual, real, conversations. These are friends, by the way, that I’ve made through being in a “crazy, obsessive fandom full of 12 year olds.”

I’ll tell you what triggered this. The other day, someone said to me “you’re 19, why are you obsessing over Marvel and people that aren’t even real?” Bitch, ima tell you why. Because Marvel brings happiImage result for guardians of the galaxy 2ness into my life. Let’s not lie, happiness is in short supply these days and if I can find that one thing that will cheer me up regardless of anything else, why shouldn’t I “obsess” over it? Why shouldn’t I smile because concept art for the second Guardians of the Galaxy has been released? Why shouldn’t I post tweet after tweet about how worried I am about Cap’s impending death in Infinity War? I see you tweeting about your 101 drunk nights out, so why shouldn’t I post about what makes me happy?

It doesn’t even stop with Marvel; it gets even worse when it comes to music. So get this; apparently I only like Lawson and Room 94 because they’re “generic, attractive white guys.” Apparently it has nothing to do with the fact that they’re eight of the most talented, humble, amazing guys out there. Nothing to do with the fact that I love their music. Nope, it’s all down to them being cute. I heard Lawson before I ever saw them. I heard them and thought “damn, these guys are good.” And trust me, I was too far away from Room 94 when I first saw them to know if they were hot or not. All I could see were Sean’s red shoes. Not hot. Still, you could tell a person all this and they still wouldn’t understand. They wouldn’t understand that these guys mean so much to so many people. They wouldn’t get that these bands are the only reason I have true friends. “Don’t talk to people on the internet, they could be anybody.” Yes, and they could also be the best people you’ve ever known. I’ve met people who I have more in common with during my four years of Twitter than I have during my nineteen years of life. Yeah, I can’t hang out with them every single day, but that doesn’t matter. They’re only a text away. Only a Skype away. And they’ll never tell me to “stop overreacting” when I’m having a semi-breakdown over something, because they always understand. Chances are, they’re having a semi-breakdown over the same thing.

Honestly, I could go on with this rant forever, but I’ll stop here. But honestly, next time you’re about to insult someone because they’re not ‘acting their age’, just stop and think for a minute. Not everyone likes the same things. I like Marvel. Some people like DC. But I would never, ever hurl abuse at them because of it. If it makes them happy, it shouldn’t concern you. Just ignore it. Move on.


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