Fandoms · Rants

*rolls eyes so far back into head they never resurface*

You know what I really don’t like? Apart from wasps and tutting? Competitiveness in and between fandoms. Cannot stand it. Don’t see the point in it. Does my head in. Everyone is always gunna think that their favourite band is the best of the best and cannot be toppled. But, that’s just not true, is it? Every single band and singer has their faults, just as they have their merits. Being a fan doesn’t involve hanging off their every word and treating them like gods who can do no wrong. You’re allowed to have opinions, you’re allowed to disagree. And most importantly, you’re allowed to accept that someone, friend or not, just might not like who you like. You don’t have to fight them over it.

1D and 5sos both definitely spring to mind first. Arguably two of the biggest fandoms in the world. Of course, they’ve both got reps of being full of ‘little girls’ who only like the band because they’re attractive. And yeah, there probably is a bit of that. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that there are people in those fandoms who honestly depend on those boys and their music. I’ve seen first hand how much 5sos mean to some people, not just them as people, but their music. Their music is able to take some fans to a different place when they need it the most. Now personally, I’m not a fan of these boys, but I cannot deny that they help people in their fandom on a daily basis. Kudos to that. But. Here’s the big but. What I cannot fathom is the fans that somehow think their idols are so wonderful they can single-handedly solve world hunger and can do no wrong. The fans who put their idols on a pedestal and refuse to listen to anything slightly negative about them. I cannot be doing with that. I bet if I tweeted right now “I don’t really like 1D/5sos/The Vamps” I would get verbally abused by several people. I bet. Just because I have an opinion. Just because I don’t like a certain band. Since when did that become the norm? Anybody should be able to say what they think without being hounded. And this is probably the main reasons why fandoms and ‘fangirls’ receive the reputation that they do. No one sees the good side of these groups, the side where life-long friends are made and so many different issues are helped. People only ever see the immature fans, holding their idols up as gods and being snide and rude about everyone else’s.

I’ve been in fandoms since I was 13 years old, and I’ve always been able to accept, a) that not everyone likes who I like, and b) my idols are not perfect, and having this mindset has served me well for the past six years. I know it’s pretty pointless hoping that one day everyone will think like this, because it won’t happen. There will always be at least one who’s gotta ruin it for everyone else. Besides, the point of this blog post wasn’t to sort the problem. It was simply to highlight that we’re not all crazy.


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