Congratulations Andy and Joey!



Honestly, when I heard that the lovely Lawson lads were gunna be on Up Late With Rylan, I didn’t think I’d be sitting there at 11:30 on a Wednesday night crying my eyes out. You’d told me that, and I would’ve laughed. That’s because absolutely none of us had any clue whatsoever about what Lawson had up their sleeves. No idea that Andy Brown had been engaged for weeks.  So yeah, when Andy let slip that he had PROPOSED TO HIS LOVELY GIRLFRIEND JOEY IN THEIR MUSIC VIDEO, I had a bit of a cry. The video for new single “Where My Love Goes” has been live for 15 hours now and I’ve watched it approximately 14 times, with tears for added effect. I know so many people, especially on my Twitter, think I’m fully overreacting to the news that Andy is engaged, but honestly, there is a reason. I’ve been a fan for 6 years, and during that time I’ve heard of and seen Andy go through some terrible times. There was his brain tumour when he was 19, his break-up with Mollie, which was the subject of Chapman Square no less, and his liver failure  in 2014.  But still, Andy has never, ever given up. He’s always been so optimistic and happy, and so determined to get new music out there. And that’s why I’ve had such a reaction to this news. Because after so much bad luck, our lovely Andy is finally getting his happily ever after with the girl who completes him in every way, and I couldn’t be happier for him.

And not only am I over the moon for Andy and Joey, I’m completely ecstatic that Lawson are BACK. “Perspective” is due out on the 8th of July, four years after “Chapman Square”. Four very long years. We’ve got a confirmed track listing, we’ve all got our pre-orders, we’ve got the new single out, and I bet we’ll get a tour announcement next. Lawson are well and truly back and I could not be happier.



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